No. Description Price/Unit Model Make
Double Warmer Station W2 REYNOLDS
Single Warmer Station W1 REYNOLDS
Twin Compartment Juice Dispenser TJW25 JETSPRAY
Automatic Coffee Station CS3A CECEILWARE
Pop Down Bread Toaster PD4 SAVOURY
Ice Crusher 945 HAMILTON
Sandwich & Bread Toaster R4SA ROWLETT
Cart Max Counter 3312 RUBBERMAID
Food Pan 3308/3309 RUBBERMAID
10. Fire Blanket - ARDENOAK
11. Housekeeping Cart 4045 RUBBERMAID
12. Smoke's Urn Floor Standing - RUBBERMAID
13. Wall Rack - RUBBERMAID

Double Warmer Station

Double Warmer Station from Reynolds with dimensions of 350w X 203d X 57ht mm

Single Warmer Station

Single Warmer Station from Reynolds with dimensions of 165w X 165d X 50ht mm

Twin Compartment Juice Dispenser

Twin Compartment Juice Dispenser from Jetspray with dimensions of
410w X 480d X 600ht cm

Automatic Coffee Station

Automatic Coffee Station from Cecilware in stainless steel finishing.
Brew time is 3.5 minutes, 1.79kw with dimensions of 406w X 254d X 552ht cm

Pop Down Bread Toaster

Pop Down Bread Toaster from Savory in stainless steel finishing.
Equiped with 4 Slots-Thermostat control, 5.6 kw with dimensions of
311w X 235d X 415ht mm

Ice Crusher

Ice Crusher from Hamilton Beach with stainless steel bowl and with dimensions of
162w X 222d X 394ht mm

Sandwich & Bread Toaster

Sandwich & Bread Toaster from Rowlett with 4 slots, each with automatic timer.
Stainless steel finish, 2.5 kw with dimensions of 585w X 210d X 225ht mm

Cart Max Counter

Cart Max Counter from Rubbermaid with a 26" side loader

Food Pan

Food Pan from Rubbermaid with dimensions 18" X 26" X 6" depth and
18" X 12" X 6" depth

Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket from Ardenoak wich can be mounted on the wall. Safe and
protects the body from kitchen fire

Housekeeping cart

Housekeeping Cart from Rubbermaid with Vinyl bag.
Dimensions for the cart is 26" X 25" X 36"

Smoker's urn floor standing

Smoker's Urn Floor Standing from Rubbermaid with 11-1/2" diameter

Wall rack

Wall Rack from Rubbermaid which comes in 36" and 18" in length.